On Wednesday, 20th November, nineteen lower sixth Philosophy of Religion students attended a series of lectures at Oxford’s town hall. The students were presented with various arguments to consider, ranging from: reason being a basis for faith; challenging the validity of faith positions from an epistemological position, the design argument as presented by WilliamPhilosophy trip Paley and its challenges and modern developments in light of new scientific discovers and reformulations of ancient cosmology.

Following the presentations, students were asked to engage in a discussion involving over 400 students on the notion that: ‘It is always wrong to believe something without sufficient evidence.’  A wide ranging and intricate discussion on the nature of proof and belief ensued.  In the afternoon, two further lectures on the probability of the miraculous, and the challenges to God’s existence from the problem of evil, kept the students on their toes and engaging in some of the most controversial philosophical topics of history.

One student commented, “The day was riveting, the lectures were joy undefined and a real challenge to my philosophical assumptions.”