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On Wednesday 26 February, the LV Classical Civilisation pupils went to explore the 100 most significant objects in the British Museum.

After a long bus journey, pupils got into groups and set out on an exciting treasure hunt throughout the various galleries of the museum. The challenge was simple: find the object, photograph it and tweet the photo, the name, the date of the object and something about its significance in less than 140 characters. The objects ranged from the Standard of Ur, to the first credit card; from an Ice Age depiction of swimming reindeer, to the mummy of Hornedjitef; from a Maya maize god statue, to the Icon of the Triumph of Orthodoxy. Covering an extraordinary range of objects from the prehistoric period to the present day, pupils were engaging thoroughly with human achievement.

After lunch, they explored the Parthenon marbles, engaging with the Classical world that they are studying as part of their GCSE course. The opportunity to see the artistic representation of the Panathenaic Festival, and a cornerstone of Western art, enabled them to visualise the topic they are researching in lessons. After a final exploration of more galleries to broaden their horizons, pupils returned to Cranleigh satisfied from their cultural development.