Cubitt Grind Out Deserved Quiz Victory

The Junior Schools Challenge final looked likely to be close but in the end the Cubitt team were clear winners over Loveday (340-230), not least by being on the buzzer first to Loveday Sch Challengescore fifteen starters to their opponents’ eight.  The questions were tough but Cubitt’s Alisdair Johnston was in good form, ably supported by Seb Leman, Christian Oldfield and Taylor Seager-Green.  Not even the experienced Henri Martin and School team players Callum Job and Joe Mellor, along with Henry de Villiers, could peg back the lead that Cubitt held from early on.  Question-master and setter PJL thanked James Brookes for acting as scorer and referee in front of a large Wednesday afternoon audience in the ALT on February 5th.  The previous Friday Loveday had scored 510 in beating North and Cubitt 420 in knocking out East.