medeaOn Tuesday 11th March, members of  Cranleigh’s U5th Classical Civilisation class went to London for a showing of Euripides’ Medea, put on by Riverside Studios Theatre. It was a powerful and chilling performance of a woman driven to anger and despair by her husband, who has chosen a new bride. As a result of these extreme emotions, she decides to kill her husband’s new bride, her father and, most shockingly of all, her two children, thereby destroying all aspects of her husband’s future. Medea-Review-Riverside-Studios

Using only a three-actor cast and a chorus, the production effectively brought these barbaric emotions and decisions to life. Ancient Greek music and song accompanied the performance, making it even more powerful and thoroughly enjoyable. As well as being an active and memorable way to revise, it was also a good opportunity to experience the play, beyond simply reading the text.