It was an early start on Wednesday for a group of 34 LVIth economists as we set off to London to visit photo 1many of the financial landmarks of the City of London itself.  The morning began with a visit to the Bank of England Museum, where we received a lecture on the history, roles and tools available to the central bank, before perusing the museum, where we had the opportunity to lift a very heavy , real gold bar.

Following this the groups split again to visit either the Transport for Londonphoto 3 Museum in Covent Garden or the London Metal Exchange.  At the latter we saw demand and supply in action, as well as receiving a brief introduction into the complexities of hedging, futures and derivatives.  The day also included a ‘treasure hunt’ of sorts, involving various teams using economic clues to decipher various economics-related landmarks and reaching those destinations (of course taking a team selfie at each place to prove their achievements) using the various modes of transport available – a task made even more interesting by the taxi strike blocking all of the surrounding roads.

Overall, much fun was had by all, and hopefully the trip has provided us with some real life experiences to aid us with our F584 Transport Economics and F585 Global Macroeconomics courses to come in the UVI.  Thanks go to JAB, TRDG, CHDB and EMB for organising the trip.

Matt Foster (Cubitt)