During the first full week of the summer holiday, 22 cadets spent a week at Penally, in South Wales, on the annual CCF Central Camp. For the CCF1junior cadets in the Lower Fifth, this was their first summer camp, whilst for the senior cadets in the Upper Sixth this was their final opportunity to make the most of everything that the CCF has to offer.

Unlike our last trip to Penally two years ago, this time we were very lucky with the weather throughout the week, allowing full enjoyment of an extensive package of activities.  These activities included navigation, kayaking, climbing, shooting and watermanship, but the highlight for most was almost certainly the 24 hour exercise at CCF2Sennybridge. Following a couple of hours of refresher lessons and time to set up a harbour area, the cadets went out on patrols in order to gain information for the ambush later that evening. All were able to use a lot of the skills that they have learnt over the course of the year in carrying out this ambush, and when taking part in section attacks the following morning. CSM Hugh Phelps came into his own at this point, and showed good leadership skills in taking control of the platoon for the exercise.

It was an action-packed week, with early mornings in addition to activities every night, and I am sure that everyone learnt a huge amount from CCF3their numerous experiences.  I hope that the juniors will now be relishing the chance to put a lot of their new skills into practice on Wednesday afternoons next year.

A massive thanks must go to GGB and EMC for their efforts, enthusiasm and organisation throughout the week.