Emma Cole from Positive Voice visited Cranleigh on Tuesday 25 November to speak to the Lower Sixth about living with HIV. Emma was diagnosed with the disease in 1991 and although she was told she only had about 8-10 years to live, she hasPositive voice now made it 23 years, a number she herself still struggles to believe. She gives over a hundred talks per year to schools in the hope of educating the next generation and hopefully changing the misconceptions that exist.

Emma was incredibly honest and open, telling us how she became infected, her preconceptions on the disease and how her family reacted to the news. She gave us the facts, figures and statistics as well as her own personal account of this extremely common disease that is still viewed with a certain stigma and misconceptions. It was a hilarious talk that had some really serious lessons and advice at the heart of it.

Miss Athina Mitropoulos