A team of five students from the UVI were guests of Speaker John Bercow last Tuesday at Parliament.  They had been shortlisted for the annual Political Studies Association Short Video Competition (sponsored by YouGov), along with five other schools from across the UK.  They had been challenged to create a four minute video on the topic of “Designing for Democracy”: point out the existing flaws in the UK democracy and come up with a better design.

The Cranleigh Team of Laura Clark, Theo Golden, Ali Johnston, Fran Goudie and Cameron Scheijde came up with the idea of looking back to the writing of Plato, in particular on his theory ofCranleigh 2 Guardian Protectors, to design a system for Britain where to become a senior Minister or Secretary of State, citizens would have to go through a rigorous, state sponsored training programme.  This would thus ensure that the most qualified people were given the most important jobs in governing the UK.

The team put a huge amount of effort into producing a highly entertaining and thought provoking video, with the excellent support of Tom Butler from the IT department.  The team did extremely well to reach the final five in a very strong field of entries this year.  At the speaker’s house, they presented their video to a tough panel of political experts including John Bercow and John Crick from Channel 4 news.  They were very unfortunate to just miss out on the overall winner’s trophy this year, but certainly impressed the judges, with the speaker remarking on the level of professionalism of the team in both their video production and their final presentation.

Rob Verdon