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Today was the first day of teaching the children at Kawama School. We received the same highly enthusiastic, warm welcome from all the children, where they were running alongside the bus as we entered, and climbing all over us as we got out. The day started with groups of us being allocated different objectives to complete: this ranged from teaching basic craft skills to all age groups – Reception to Grade 7 – to serving the food for lunch and filming scenes for Beyond Ourselves’ social media account.


We were also given the opportunity to do team building with Grade 6, where communications proved slightly challenging at times! One skill we introduced to Grades 3-7 was weaving and sewing. By mastering these two skills they were able to stitch up a pencil case. At the end of the school day we had the chance to play with the children, playing football games and singing songs.


Tomorrow we are looking forward to the school’s sports day in the afternoon.

Written by Charlie Floyd & Chantelle Phillips