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Johanna Handley, a newly published author visited the English Department last week. Her book The Burning of Juniper Slade is to become a Trilogy soon and Johanna has also written The Lancaster Readers and a series of children’s books. Members of year 9 and 10 as well as some Sixth Formers were fortunate enough to listen to her talk about how to write a novel, her writing journey and the experiences she went through to become a published author.

Johanna offered helpful and interesting ideas about how to get started and how to structure a novel. The students listened with interest and asked a plethora of insightful and thoughtful questions. Before the talks took place students were provided with a copy of the first chapter of Johanna’s novel The Burning of Juniper Slade. In lessons they discussed exactly what this first chapter was meant to convey in terms of context, character, conflict and how it hooked the reader.  The majority of them were keen to read the rest of the book and copies will be available to them in the School Library.

Olivia Ravilious