As part of the annual inter-Platoon competition, Cranleigh CCF enjoyed Target Sprint, a new challenge devised by British Shooting that’s similar to the Winter biathlon. 

Competitors run 3 x 400 metres, interspersed by shooting at knockdown targets. Combining athleticism with skill and accuracy, it’s a future Olympic discipline and a great spectator sport.

Target Sprint was adapted into a relay race where sections competed against the clock in their Platoons. The relay saw competitors run a lap around TASC cheered on by teammates before controlling their breathing and knocking down five targets with ten pellets. As soon as the last target went down the next runner was released.

The Cadets really enjoyed the stand and are looking forward to competing with other schools. Target Sprint will be introduced as an evening activity at Bisley Schools week, where the best shots compete for Team GB selection.

The rest of the inter-Platoon competition covered drill, paintballing, navigation and a signals stand incorporating Morse, semaphore and Army radios.

Congratulations to 4 Platoon who were overall winners on the day.