Kawama Day 3 – The timetable of activities to enable us to experience what life is like in the greater Kawama community continued throughout the morning but the highlight of the day had to be the traditional sports day we arranged for ALL of the Kawama pupils, both those from morning school and those from the afternoon.  By traditional we mean running races, bean bag races, piggy back races, water races (although we were all in awe of how they balanced tins of water on their heads without spilling any of it) and of course relay races to finish. 

Any Cranleighan would have recognised the fervour with which each house sang and chanted and drummed (on buckets and water containers) and cheered when their athletes won!  It was a huge success and we are sure that we might have created something for them to repeat in the future.
The ice-creams on the way back to the Town House in the afternoon were very welcome, after a hot afternoon standing in the sun, although it was a shock to be back in the western atmosphere of a shopping mall after the poverty of Kawama and that was one of things talked about during our evening reflections.  We all agree that the story we want to bring home is more than meeting lots of ‘cute’ children at Kawama Community School but it may be a difficult story to tell.