Cranleigh’s core ethos is shaped by Culture in all its forms, and to celebrate this we are pleased to launch the first edition of our new magazine, Cranleigh Culture, which aims to celebrate former pupils and school speakers covering a range of subjects. Our motto Ex Cultu Robur (from culture comes strength) was the phrase at the heart of the School when it was founded in 1865. It informs a robust education ethic and a heartfelt belief in the holistic development of young people.

Our day is still built around a strong academic timetable that also prioritises time for sports, music, drama and the creative arts, enabling every child’s talent to flourish. Old Cranleighans – our celebrated academics, politicians and business leaders, our national standard athletes, our musicians, artists and actors – are testament to its success.

We hope you enjoy reading the articles in this selection of the best of Cranleigh Culture.