The Bronze Practice is always an interesting expedition, as for many of the candidates it is the first time that they have had to decide what to take, pack a rucksack, carry it for two days, pitch tents and actually sleep out in them.

The learning curve can be quite steep and many lessons are learnt about what is necessary (sufficient warm layers and decent socks), and what is not (five gallon bottles of mouthwash or an eight stone sack of dried pasta). Similarly the teams soon learn the importance of team work and working together on the navigation. Lots of eyes and brains make missed turnings much less likely.

The weather was not unkind, if a little chilly overnight – certainly, in the morning some of the happy campers resembled tortoises coming out of hibernation, having had a cool night’s sleep. There was no more than usual “geographical embarrassment” and we were able to get everyone back to School in time to get scrubbed up for the House photos.

Many thanks go to all the staff who gave up their time to come out with the groups and lead them through their first steps on expedition. 

Time now to crack on with planning their Qualifying Trip at the end of term…..

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