A lot has changed at Kawama Community School since the beginning of Cranleigh’s partnership with Beyond Ourselves. In 2010, the children were meeting in a church hall with limited resources and teachers. All ages would meet together and 1 or 2 volunteer teachers would move round the room teaching different grades at different times. It goes without saying that this was not an ideal learning environment. Many of the children lived in very vulnerable situations and were missing out on meals, making it hard for them to develop and learn.

In Zambia literacy levels (defined as 15yrs or older and unable to read and write in English) are at 63% and so the provision of quality education is imperative to improving the situation of children across the country. At Kawama Community School, thanks to the support and generosity of the Cranleigh community, much has been achieved towards this goal including:

  • the building and maintenance of six classrooms, a toilet block, kitchen, security wall and gate.
  • giving over 1000 children access to quality primary education.
  • free school lunches for very student.
  • significant improvements in both physical growth and health of the children attending the school.
  • access to teacher training and ongoing professional development support.
  • seeing Grade 7 pass levels increase year on year and for the last 7 years for those pass levels to remain significantly higher than the national Zambian average.

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