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  • 17 June 2014

Beyond Cranleigh: Summer 2014

Shortly after the end of the Summer Term, 18 Sixth Form students and 5 staff (including one from Cranleigh Prep School) will…

Shortly after the end of the Summer Term, 18 Sixth Form students and 5 staff (including one from Cranleigh Prep School) will head to Zambia for the 7th Cranleigh School trip. They will spend a week at Kawama School working alongside the teachers, local community and the Beyond Ourselves staff (including the two OC Gap students). The particular focus of this trip is to develop the interior of the classrooms. Each classroom will have a set of murals painted in educational themes to assist with teaching: for example, there will be a ‘Universe’ mural, a ‘sea’ mural, etc… The team of students and staffJuly trip 2014 workshop have been working hard on finalising the designs and scaling of the paintings in preparation for the trip. The team will be running some netball training for the teachers and organising netball activities for the Kawama children, as netball is Zambia’s national sport.

In addition they will also be making a visit to Kasanka National Park at the start of the trip. An OC is a trustee of Kasanka Trust, the charity that manages the National Park, and this is the first time we have organised a joint venture between Kasanka and the Beyond Cranleigh project. Seeing a Zambia Wildlife Conservation Project first-hand will give the students another view of what life is like in Zambia.

You can follow the team’s adventures on their trip in July by going to the Beyond Cranleigh section of the school website. Another trip is already planned for October 2014.

Kawama Krafts: Social Enterprise

The Kawama social enterprise ‘Kawama Krafts’ (that was set up last year) has had a very encouraging20131109_132720 first year. Five local people, headed up by a local tailor, Soldier, are employed and they work out of one of the buildings at Kawama School. The products that Soldier, Venix, Esther, Mercy and Judith create are being sold here in the UK with profits being re-invested in Kawama Community School.  Cranleigh students have also been helping oversee the finances and new product design ideas.

Popular items so far have been harem pants, scrunchees, make-up bags and pillowcases. From July, there will be some new products available, including tote bags and bunting – all made from the very popular and colourful traditional chitenge fabric. If you would like to support the business and make a purchase, please visit the online shop at www.beyondourselves.co.uk

Child Sponsorship

Out of the 225 children Cranleigh School have committed to sponsoring at Kawama School, 155 children are currently being sponsored by members of the Cranleigh community – thank you! West House and South House are the most recent groups to have raised enough money from their annual charity days to sponsor a child all the way through their 7 years at Kawama School. See if you can spot the details of the child they are sponsoring when you next visit the boarding houses.

There is still some way to go to meet Cranleigh’s target for all 225 children at Kawama School to be sponsored. If you would like to sponsor one of the children, or simply find out more information, please contact Laura Sturdee (lecs@cranleigh.org) at Cranleigh.

2014 Child Sponsorship details


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