Cranleigh People

Cranleigh is one of the biggest employers in the local area, with a large team of teachers, pastoral staff and bursarial support. The School also has an active and diverse Governing Body.

All school e-mail addresses take the format:

If you wish to send a comment about the school or need to make a formal complaint, please email the Deputy Head directly on

Key Contacts

Main Reception 01483 273666
Head of School Administration
(Ms A.J. Russell-Price)
01483 542131
(Mrs J.E. Gallie)
01483 542044
Deputy Bursar
(Mr P.A.Dunn)
01483 542138
Deputy Head (Academic)
(Mr D.R. Boggitt)
01483 542007
Deputy Head (Pastoral)
(Dr A.P. Saxel)
01483 542018
Director of Cranleigh Music
(Mr M.C. Pashley)
01483 542014
Medical Centre 01483 542020
School Fees
Old Cranleighan Society
Media, Communications, Marketing 01483 542077

Housemasters / Housemistresses

Cubitt Mr S.T. Cooke 01483 542047
East Mr J.M. Witcombe 01483 542040
Loveday Mr R.G. Lane 01483 542022
North Mr A.P. Forsdike 01483 542038
Rhodes Mrs B.L. Lewis 01483 273666
South Mrs C.J. Lock 01483 542031
West Mrs A. W. Worsley 01483 542132

Senior Management Team

Headmaster Mr M. Reader
Deputy Head Mr S.D. Bird
Deputy Head (Pastoral) Dr A.P. Saxel
Deputy Head (Academic) Mr D.R. Boggitt
Bursar Mr P.T. Roberts
Deputy Bursar Mr P.A. Dunn
Assistant Head (Co-Curricular) Mr C.H.D. Boddington
Assistant Head (Director of IT) Mr D.J. Futcher
Assistant Head (Learning, Teaching and Innovation) Dr J.L. Taylor
Head of External Relations Mrs J.R. Cooksley
Head of Admissions Mr S.J. Batchelor
Head of School Administration Ms A.J. Russell-Price
Head of PE Miss S.L. Greenwood